A Look At Mobile Surveying Software Over The Years

A brief history of PocketSurvey Ltd, and how we developed our mobile surveying software & inspection app. We are STILL the MARKET-LEADING mobile surveying app for after 4 decades!

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This is a brief history of PocketSurvey Ltd, and how we have led the way with our flexible approach to mobile surveying software, using our unique methodology to build ready-to-go but customisable 'PsCloud Apps'.

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The 1990 Decade

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Or technical director Martyn, wrote the very first mobile app for Psion handheld devices.

Even back in the old days, we sold a very powerful survey designer with which you could create your own mobile surveys.

Most surveying practices would export their data to a database & produce their own reports.

However, the Psion handhelds were just black & white, and had no touch screen!

The 2000 Decade

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We developed the very first mobile app for Microsoft Windows PDAs.

Great. Now with PDAs, we had touch screens, albeit with a stylus, but it was a step forward.

We found that surveyors & surveying organisations wanted more than just mobile data collection.

So we produced a database & reporting system that was flexible enough to work with any data collection survey.

And even before the advent of the Cloud, we were the only company offering data transfer via the Internet.

The 2010 Decade

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We were the very first company to produce a mobile surveying app for Android.

We built on our previous successes & vast experience in the built environment.

Based on customer feedback, we produced a wide range of ready-to-go survey templates.

We introduced market leading features such as lifecycle plans, statistical data validation, & scenario planning.

The 2020 Decade

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During the 'Covid-19 Lockdown' we make great headway in developing the next generation of PocketSurvey apps.

We developed the apps to work on all devices such as iPads, Androids, iPhones, and Web Browsers. We branded these as 'PsCloud'.

Our Android-only traditional apps are still popular, but our new range of 'Run Anywhere on Any Device' apps are even more popular".

Powerful Surveying Methodology

All Survey Types. Throughout these years we have developed very powerful methods for implementing residential & commercial building surveys of various type.

Customise Yourself. You can customise our off-the-shelf surveys yourself, with our easy-to-use survey template editor. This means you don't need to invest in bespoke development if you only have a small budget.

Bespoke Surveys. Our unique approach allows us to create bespoke surveys for you, super fast, if you have a larger budget and special requirements.

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