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Save hours of effort when writing up your HHSRS Assessment Reports. With this Cloud-based HHSRS Inspection App, you eliminate tiring and repetitive survey report writing

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If it takes one hour to do an HHSRS site inspection, it will probably take you three hours to write up your final HHSRS Inspection report if you do it by hand.

With PsCloud HHSRS, you eliminate tedious calculations & repetitive report writing and save yourself three hours of effort!

About PsCloud HHSRS

  HHSRS Report Example

Modern App. With over 20 years of experience, PocketSurvey Ltd has developed the PsCloud HHSRS App to be modern and user-friendly with an easy to use 'unified' interface.

All Devices .The software works on iPads, Androids, iPhones, and Web Browsers. It will save you so much time by streamlining your complete inspection & report writing process.

Fast Reports. You can produce your report immediately after completing your on-site inspection.

Unlimited Reports. Your reports will be customised with your logo and organisation details. Plus, there is no charge per report so you can create unlimited inspection reports for numerous clients.

HHSRS App Screenshots

  HHSRS Screenshots

Ready-to-Go. Look at the screenshot tour, and you will see that the app is ready-to-go. It's pre-built with menu options gathered from years of feedback from HHSRS clients.

Photos & Floorplans. You can take photos directly on your mobile device or pick images from your gallery and then annotate them if you need to. You can sketch drawings or photograph hand-drawn floorplans whilst on-site.

Customise Easily. You can customise the app with your custom menu options, wording and caveats with the in-built App Designer and Template Editor.

HHSRS App Video Tours

  HHSRS Video Tours

Learn Quickly. Watch the short overview and training video to see how intuitive the software is. You can learn how to use the app in under 10 minutes, and it's the same interface on both mobile and desktop.

Easy Data Entry. The video will take you through logging HHSRS items, photographs, free format notes and so on.

Final PDF Report. You will see how to create the colour coded report as a PDF with one click.

The report contains an summary, full details with recommended actions, photographs, and site plans ready to send to your clients.

Use the PsCloud HHSRS software, and you will never have to grapple with paper forms or handwritten notes again!

HHSRS Inspection App Webinar

  HHSRS Webinar

Understand. Register for the HHSRS webinar to learn about the great features of the HHSRS Inspection app.

Watch Immediately. Unlike other annoying webinars, when you register for this one you will be able to view it almost immediately.

Low-cost Trial. And there's no 'hard-sell', just the opportunity to get you first months subscription at a vastly reduced price.

HHSRS App Features

  Common App Features

HHSRS Add-on Enforcement Notices. Councils can add the option to create Enforcement notices within the HHSRS inspection survey.

  • Improvement Notice. Serve an Improvement Notice in accordance with section 11.
  • Prohibition Order. Make a Prohibition Order in accordance with section 20.
  • Hazard Awareness Notice. Serve a Hazard Awareness Notice in accordance with section 28.
  • Emergency Remedial Action Notice.. Take Emergency Remedial Action under section 40.
  • Emergency Prohibition Order.. Emergency prohibition order under section 43
  • Demolition Order. Make a Demolition Order under section 265 of the Housing Act 1985.

Common Features. Whilst each PsCloud App has its own specific features, there are some common features that are available in all the apps..

IGA for Eaga plc.

I had used PocketSurvey for a number of years before working on behalf of IGA for Eaga plc. There I used the software for: Internal Audits, Decent Homes, Stock Condition and Asbestos Surveys. Also with a good number of contracts on behalf of councils. Some the key features of PocketSurvey I have used include designing reporting templates for outputting captured information making it easier to ensure the client gets what they need.

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