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Some Frequently Asked Questions about the PsCloud HHSRS Inspection App

Will My HHSRS Survey Reports Be Branded?

Yes. Your reports are branded with your organisation logo, trade logo strip, and your company details, ready to send on to your clients.

Will My Inspection Survey Reports Have Watermarks?

No. there are no watermarks on the reports even during your trial period. So you can send completed reports to your clients even during your evaluation.

Can I Customise HHSRS Risk Assessment Template?

To a Degree. The Government have laid down the basic templates structure and HHSRS scoring methodology. However you can customise the list of defects and options remedial works. Plus you can customise the HHSRS Report to specify your own boilerplate phrases without incurring any extra costs.

What is the purpose of HHSRS?

The HHSRS is a risk based assessment tool which is used by environmental health officers to assess the risk (the likelihood and severity) of a hazard in residential housing to the health and safety of occupants or visitors.

Can I Produce HHSRS Enforcement Notices?

If you are a housing practitioner working within a local authority you can benefit from the enforcement notices add-on feature.

What is the HHSRS hazard scoring system?

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) is a scoring system that is used by the council to assess the effect of certain hazards on the health, safety and wellbeing of the occupants. The system allows you to take action to remedy any hazards to ensure housing is safe to live in.

How is HHSRS score calculated?

The HHSRS calculation includes a 'weighting' to reflect more serious outcomes, such as death. The inspector first assesses the likelihood of an occurrence over the next twelve months which exposes a member of the vulnerable age group to a hazard.

Is HHSRS a legal requirement?

There are no legal requirements that bind a landlord to provide a prospective tenant with an HHSRS report.

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