Building Surveying Software With Excellent Customisation Features

With so many types of Building Surveys, all with differing data collection needs, you need a flexible survey tool with built-in customisation features

There are so many types of Building Surveys, all with differing data collection needs. Our range of PsCloud Building Survey Apps, have a modern and easy to use interface, and have excellent customisation features make an app unique to you.

Below are some of the most popular PsCloud Building Survey Apps that will speed up your survey reporting.

Housing Stock Condition

The PsCloud Social Housing Stock Condition app can capture data for any housing management system and produces excellent reports with photographs, condition ratings, quantities, remaining life, and costs.

You can edit item descriptions and costs to fit in with your own schedule of rates.

Plus, we have various checklists such as Decent Homes, HHSRS, WHQS, SHQS that you can add to your software system.

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Pre-Purchase Residential Surveys

Pre-purchase residential surveys are notoriously time-consuming because they take you time to type in your paper notes and collate all your photographs.

With a PsCloud Residential Survey app, you choose from a set of pre-built menus to build a flexible commentary from standard phrases that you can modify within the software.

Report variations include Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Home Surveys. surveys.

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Commercial Planned Maintenance

The PsCloud Commercial Planned Maintenance app is similar to our housing condition software but can capture Replacement AND Repairs data for both Fabric and MEP elements. It's perfect for surveying both public and private commercial buildings.

You can customise the one survey template with your own set of element descriptions costs and lifespans. This means you can undertake comprehensive condition assessments of commercial, industrial, or educational buildings such as schools & universities.

As always, with PsCloud apps, you can edit item descriptions and costs to fit in with your own elemental schedule of rates.

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Residential Disrepairs Surveys

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Under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, Landlords are responsible for meeting specified primary conditions and repairing obligations.

Carrying out a Housing Disrepair Survey is very time-consuming, considering the number of photographs and level of detail that you need to collect.

With the PsCloud Housing Disrepair app, you use the unique commentary phrase builder to quickly build up a report.

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Asset Data Collection

Most CAFM/CMMS asset management systems, have inferior mobile data collection features!

The PsCloud CAFM/CMMS, Asset Data Collection app, is suitable for anyone wishing to collect data for asset management systems such as Concept Evolution, IBM Maximo, Tribal, Planon, etc.

The app can be configured to use any schedule of rates such as SFG20, BCIS NRM, or you can just modify the elemental descriptions built into the off-the-shelf software.

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Specialised Building Surveys

If you have a larger budget, we can create custom surveys at a reasonable price compared to traditional bespoke software development.

For example, Schools Condition Surveys, Damp & Mould surveys, Health & Safety surveys, Full Building surveys, Statutory Compliance inspections and so on.

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Reveal Building Consultants

PocketSurvey is the best thing since sliced bread! The product is superb, allowing pre-formatting of templates for any given report type so you can produce professionally produced reports, including photographs taken on site, direct from the hand held device, to the same level of detail as you can from the desktop. The product saves hours of office-based formatting/reporting time and will pay for itself in the first couple of surveys. The skills, knowledge and support of James and Martyn is exceptional and they're always on hand to resolve any queries or issues that may arise.

Dave F

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