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You're probably wasting time doing paper-based surveys. You're wasting time re-entering data and collating photographs. The net result is you're LOOSING all your profits!

PocketSurvey Ltd was established in 2001. You'll find out about us and the software we offer, by browsing the rest of this website. However, it's probably more important to take a look at the solutions to your surveying problems.

Take a look at the History of PocketSurvey over 4 decades!

Here are some common problems many surveyors and surveying practices experience when undertaking building surveys and compliance inspections.

Luckily, if you use PsCloud Surveying Apps, you can solve ALL these problems at an affordable price within the next few days.

Save Time Producing Reports & Exports

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You want a quicker turnaround time between collecting inspection data on-site and producing your final reports or data exports.

With PsCloud Surveying Apps, one-click will create your reports in a neat and easily understood format in a matter of seconds!

Gather More Accurate Inspection Data On-site

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If you are still using pen and paper or a mobile device without any dedicated software, you will struggle to collect accurate and consistent data across your surveying teams.

There will be no guidance regarding the options and phrases you use to document your site survey. Every surveyor will capture different information for the same situation!

What's even worse is that when you get to the office and transcribe this information into your final report, it will be full of inaccuracies and missed information.

Using a PsCloud Surveying App gives you no consistency and accuracy because you captured everything using consistent and user-configurable menus. In this way, your organisation can control the quality of your final reports by ensuring accurate and consistent data capture on-site.

Use Any Device Anywhere

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You want to use the software on multiple devices such as your phone, tablet and desktop, but you can't afford numerous licences, or you have to learn two different apps.

With PS Cloud Surveying Software, you would charge per user, and you can use the are apps on multiple devices or using the same user interface.

Afraid To Use Software?

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You realise you need to automate your surveying processes, but the software you have looked at is either too complicated or too expensive. You don't even have the time to try out the software.

We guarantee that if you try PsCloud Surveying Software for just a few days, you will love it and find it easy to use.

You Want Customised Software

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You may have tried all the software but found it not precisely suitable for your needs, but to customise it, you found you couldn't do it yourself and the only alternative ways to pay hefty consultancy fees.

PsCloud Surveying Software has had this one covered for over 20-years. All our survey and inspection apps have an app designer and template editor, where you can customise your menu options, report phrases, detailed cost information behind the scenes, and control the way the software flows.

You Want Consistently

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You may have many surveyors, but they all do their own thing resulting in very inconsistent results. You wish they would use the same definitions and descriptions so clients could be confident that your reports are accurate and substantial.

One of our founding concepts when developing our PsCloud apps was to make sure as many things as possible or presented as menus, resulting in much more consistency.>

However, we realised that there are times when you do need to enter free format text, so this is always an option for all our apps. You can even use voice typing on your mobile phone or tablet to enter descriptive texts quickly and easily

Expand Your Business

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You want to expand your business, but staff costs are rising astronomically. You know that if you do more on-site inspections, you're going to have to employ more staff to type up reports.

This problem is easy to solve; you use software that will speed up your report in time; thus, you will need fewer staff members.

Work On Your Business, Not In It!

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You've got to the point where your business is going quite well, but you spend every hour doing tedious manual report writing.

You never seem to have any free time to work out your business strategy or spend time with friends and family.

Stop the right now and make sure you automate your report writing tasks.>

Do YOU want to become a super-efficient surveyor, make more profit, and have more leisure time?

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