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PsCloud Asbestos Surveying Software

Speed up onsite asbestos inspections with this mobile Asbestos Surveying Software. Reduce office admin by 90% by producing HSG 264 Asbestos Inspection Reports in seconds! Assists you with your UKAS reporting requirements

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If it takes one hour to do an Asbestos site inspection, it will probably take you three hours to write up your final asbestos inspection report if you do it by hand.

With PsCloud Asbestos, you eliminate tiring and repetitive report writing and save yourself three hours of effort!

About PsCloud Asbestos

  Asbestos Report Example

Modern App. With over 20 years of experience, PocketSurvey Ltd has developed the PsCloud Asbestos App to be modern and user-friendly with an easy to use 'unified' interface.

All Devices .The software works on iPads, Androids, iPhones, and Web Browsers. It will save you so much time by streamlining your complete inspection & report writing process.

Quality Reports. Using the guidelines from HSG 264 and the Control of Asbestos Regulations, your report is comprehensive and conformant with UKAS.

Fast Reports. Furthermore, you can produce your report immediately after completing your on-site inspection.

Unlimited Reports. Your reports will be customised with your logo and organisation details. Plus, there is no charge per report so you can create unlimited inspection reports for numerous clients.

Asbestos App Screenshots

  Asbestos App Screenshots

Ready-to-Go. Look at the screenshot tour, and you will see that the app is ready-to-go. It's pre-built with menu options gathered from years of feedback from asbestos clients.

Photos & Floorplans. You can take photos directly on your mobile device or pick images from your gallery and then annotate them if you need to. You can sketch drawings or photograph hand-drawn floorplans whilst on-site.

Lab Results. Look at the lab results screens to see how you can input asbestos lab results easily and quickly with just one click.

Customise Easily. You can customise the app with your custom menu options, wording and caveats with the in-built App Designer and Template editor.

Asbestos App Video Tour

  Asbestos App Video Tour

Learn Quickly. Watch the short overview and training video to see how intuitive the software is. You can learn how to use the app in under 10 minutes, and it's the same interface on both mobile and desktop.

Easy Data Entry. The video will take you through logging asbestos items where the HSG 264 risk scoring algorithm is automatic, logging non-asbestos items and excluded areas and applying asbestos sample results.

Final PDF Report. You will see how to create the colour coded report as a PDF with one click.

The report contains an executive summary, full risk scoring, recommended actions, exclusions, asbestos statistics, non-asbestos items, priority assessment, photographs, site plans, and sample certificates ready to send to your clients.

Use PsCloud Asbestos, and you will never have to grapple with paper forms or handwritten notes again!

Asbestos Software Quick Webinar

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See How Your Can Speed Up Your Asbestos Surveying With This Cloud-Based Asbestos App

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✓ Client Database. You can easily see which jobs and buildings are allocated using the in-built clients' database if you have multiple clients.

✓ Maps. Finding the location of a building is easy with the in-built maps feature, allowing you to navigate to the building quickly by car or public transport.

✓ Calendar. Users can see their job schedule using the calendar and start surveying the building directly from the calendar.

✓ Jobs Tracking. The app has nifty features to track your surveying jobs' progress with colour-coded statuses

✓ Search & Filter. You can search and filter records using practically any field or data you have entered. There's no complicated interface; you can drill down into your data using free format search or structured filters.

✓ Photos & Floorplans. You can take photos directly on your mobile device or pick images from your gallery and then annotate them if you need to. You can sketch drawings or photograph hand-drawn floorplans whilst on-site.

✓ Customise Easily. You can customise the app with your custom menu options, wording and caveats with the in-built App Designer and Template editor.

Asbestos App Features

  Common App Features

Asbestos Features. You can learn also about many of the Asbestos App features by viewing the screenshots, the video tour and signing up for a webinar.

  • Sample Results. You apply sample results to pending samples in one click.
  • Sample Certificates. Upload you bulk sample certificates as an image (PNG or JPG) and they will appear automatically in your asbestos report.
  • Excluded Areas. You can log and take photographs easily for any excluded areas you encounter in your site inspection .
  • Areas Summaries. Summarise the condition of all rooms, take room photos, and even summarise external areas (something most other apps don't do!).
  • Non Asbestos Areas. You can save time by logging non asbestos areas with as few a taps as possible.

Common Features. Whist each PsCloud App has its own specific features, there are some common features that are available in all the apps..

Asbestos Surveys & Inspections

From the outset, with the initial training, and throughout the years, whether improving the product or keeping up to date with the changing regulations, James and his team have always been extremely helpful and professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending PocketSurvey.

Richard B

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the PsCloud Asbestos Software

Will My Asbestos Survey Reports Be Branded?

Yes. Your asbestos reports are branded with your company logo, trade logo strip, and your company details, ready to send on to your clients in record time.

You can also have a trade logo strip on the front page, which could include your UKAS registration details.

Will My Survey Reports Have Watermarks?

No. there are no watermarks on the asbestos management reports, even during your trial period. So you can send completed professional reports to your clients even during your evaluation.

Can I Customise The Asbestos App Myself?

Certainly! All the PsCloud apps are customisable with the App Design Features built into the software. These great features mean you can make the app your own without incurring any extra setup costs.

Is There An Asbestos Register In The Software?

Yes. The app is an asbestos database AND an asbestos survey tool. You only have one piece of software to learn, since the interface the same on all all types of devices.

Furthermore, you can export your asbestos data to external CSV files to serve as an external asbestos register. If you need to, the asbestos register can easily be uploaded to other asbestos management systems.

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