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Some Frequently Asked Questions about PsCloud Surveying Software

You may have some queries about the PsCloud Surveying Apps before, during or after your trial. You can always contact us to get answers, but you may find it helpful to browse the FAQs below.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about the PsCloud Surveying Software

Will My Mobile Surveying Survey Reports Be Branded?

Yes. Your surveying reports are branded with your company logo, trade logo strip, and your company details, ready to send on to your clients in record time.

You can also have a trade logo strip on the front page, which could include your UKAS registration details.

Will My Survey Reports Have Watermarks?

No. there are no watermarks on the surveying management reports, even during your trial period. So you can send completed professional reports to your clients even during your evaluation.

Can I Customise The Mobile Surveying App Myself?

Certainly! All the PsCloud apps are customisable with the App Design Features built into the software. These great features mean you can make the app your own without incurring any extra setup costs.

Is There Database In The Software?

Yes. The app IS an surveying database AND an surveying survey tool. You only have one piece of software to learn, since the interface the same on all all types of devices.

Furthermore, you can export your surveying data to external CSV files to serve as an external surveying register. If you need to, the surveying register can easily be uploaded to other surveying management systems.

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