Easy-to-use Mobile Data Collection System for Housing

This easy-to-use mobile data collection housing software is leading the data capture revolution for Housing Associations. Collecting building asset information for social housing organisations never been so fast and easy with this app.

Housing Survey Software for Housing Associations

We provide an easy-to-use mobile data collection system for surveyors collecting building asset information for social housing stock.

It makes it easy for a stock condition surveyor to carry out and record detailed housing stock condition or repairs & maintenance surveys on mobile devices.

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This software is revolutionising not only building surveys for housing associations but all types of asset data collection projects.

Native Android - Fast Data Collection

Our pocket survey tool is NOT web-based. All the mobile forms are super fast, no Internet lag. Collect data offline until you are ready to transfer it back to the office.

No login required. No need to set-up a web account. Just download the app from the Google Play Store and try the fully featured survey templates free of charge.

Try out the professional building surveys in the mobile building-surveying app, and then contact us for an online demonstration of the powerful desktop database and reporting package.

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Be SMART... Collect Data NOT Paper!
Easy-to-use Mobile Data Collection System for Housing