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PsCloud Apps

Streamline Your Building Surveying & Inspection Report Writing

Survey buildings on-site entering inspection data just once, take photos, then produce your Survey Reports in seconds on the same device!

PsCloud Inspection & Surveying Software works on all iPads, Androids, iPhones, and Web Browsers. It will save you a heck of a lot of time by streamlining your whole Surveying & Inspection Report Writing.

Below are some of the most popular 'PsCloud Apps' that we are sure you will enjoy using.

Building Surveying Apps

We have a perfect range of Building Survey apps to accurately record the state of a building for capital planning, purchase, refurbishment, or ongoing planned maintenance.

These Building Survey apps can capture a range of data depending on the type of survey that you are undertaking. They will save you hours or report compilation!

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Fire Door Inspection App

This Fire Door Inspection software application ensures accurate & consistent fire door compliance surveys across your client property portfolios.

Ideally suitable for surveying practices, estate managers, housing associations, and independent surveyors.

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Asbestos Surveying App

Our Asbestos Surveying app automatically follows the guidelines set out in HSG264.

The HSE Risk Assessment algorithm is automatically calculated to report the actions you need to take regarding asbestos management.

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Fire Risk Assessment App

This FRA survey follows PAS 79 guidelines. It takes the laborious work from handcrafting an FRA assessment report from photographs and paper notes.

The status of the Fire Risk Assessment is automatically 'traffic lighted' with RAG status codes.

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Legionella Assessment App

This Legionella Risk Assessment app lets you assess according to the HSE Approved Code of Practice L8 quickly and easily.

The app produces a comprehensive report showing the identification of potential sources of risk associated with Legionella within your buildings.

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Fire Spaces Inspection Software

This Fire Compartmentation & Fire Stopping Inspection software application ensures accurate & consistent fire compartmentation compliance across your client building portfolios.

Ideally suitable for surveying practices, estate managers, housing associations, and independent fire surveyors.

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HHSRS Surveying App

The paper-based scoring sheet system devised by the Government is tedious and error-prone. It would help if you had a software tool to carry out these Health & Safety inspections effectively.

Our HHSRS Assessment software enables you to carry out fast mobile inspections on site using the easy-to-use inspection app for tablets, phones or web browsers.

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Damp & Mould Inspection App

The Government don't really have a proper detailed guidance for preventing damp & mould growth in residential properties. Our Damp & Mould Inspection software fill the gap!

Our Damp & Mould Inspection software enables you to carry out fast mobile inspections on site using the easy-to-use inspection app for tablets, phones or web browsers.

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All the PsCloud Surveying & Inspection apps have a great Range of Features that will make YOU Super Productive

Immediate Results Anywhere, on ANY Device

Be Efficient. You can inspect buildings on-site, enter inspection data only once, and then produce your assessment reports in seconds on the same device

Increase Profits. Writing reports by hand is unnecessary with these PsCloud apps, thus saving you much time and money and increasing your profits.

Impress Your Clients. You could be on-site and send your draft report as soon as you've finished your inspection. Now that WILL impress your clients.

Use Any Device. You can use your inspection app on ALL platforms such as Apple, Windows, Chromebooks, Android, iOS, iPads, iPhones. Use multiple devices; you only pay for the number of login accounts you need.

Your Clients Will Love It

Immediate Reports. Because you can send your reports to your clients directly from the site immediately after completing a survey, your clients will see you as super efficient!

Client Portal. Furthermore, you have the option of allowing your clients to login in read-only mode so they can see their own survey reports immediately.

Client Database. You can easily see which jobs and buildings are allocated using the in-built clients' database if you have multiple clients.

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Neat, Simple, Uncluttered Interface

So Easy & Enjoyable. You will undoubtedly appreciate the unified, easy-to-use interface that works the same on ANY tablet, phone, or desktop device.

Pre-populated. Menus are pre-populated with comprehensive options gathered from years of experience in the surveying industry. But there is always the option of entering free text information whenever you need to.

Dynamic. Menus are only displayed when needed since the app is cleverly designed to understand what input is required from your previous answers. This means you have an elegant and uncluttered interface.

Drill Down. You can search and filter records using practically any field or data you have entered. There's no complicated interface; you can drill down into your data using free format search or structured filters.

Job Progress Tracking, Calendar, Maps

Jobs Tracking. The apps have nifty features to track your surveying jobs' progress with colour-coded statuses

Calendar. Users can see their job schedule using the calendar and start surveying the building directly from the calendar.

Maps. Finding the location of a building is easy with the in-built maps feature, allowing you to navigate to the building quickly by car or public transport.

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Highly Customisable Templates & Reports

Template Editor. While the apps have a comprehensive set of menu options and are ready to go from the outset, they are also very customisable with the app design features built into the software.

App Designer. With the built-in app designer, you can customise your reports with specific wording and caveats, hide certain sections, and choose different layouts.

Photos & Floorplans. You can take or pick images from your gallery and then annotate them if you need to.

You can sketch drawings or photograph hand-drawn floorplans whilst on-site.

However, we recommend you use dedicated floorplan software such as Visio or Google Drawings to draw plans for insertion into your surveys.

LOW-COST Trial, FREE Training, FREE Support

No-brainer. The PsCloud software is a no-brainer. You can reclaim your free time by not writing reports manually and making more profit because of the fast turnaround of reports.

Expert Guidance. If you want to learn about more advanced software features in the app, you can take advantage of the free training and support during your low-cost trial.

Export Data. A few extra features are available when running the app in a desktop browser, such as exporting data to CSV files. But on the whole, the interface will be mostly the same for all your devices.

Works Offline. Our surveying apps work offline to avoid losing any data because of a poor internet connection.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about this Mobile Surveying Software

Do You Offer Subscription Discounts?

Yes. Subscription prices are discounted the more users you have, the more apps you have, and you get two months free if you take out a yearly subscription. Also if you're surveyor staring up you business we can help you get going with low initial subscriptions.

Do You Cater For All Organisation Sizes?

Yes. Whether you are a one-person company, a surveying practice, or a large corporation, you can benefit from creating high-quality survey and inspection reports immediately after your inspection.

Will My Survey Reports Be Branded?

Yes. Your reports are branded with your company logo, trade logo strip, and your company details, ready to send on to your clients.

Will My Survey Reports Have Watermarks?

No. there are no watermarks on the reports even during your trial period. So you can send completed reports to your clients even during your evaluation.

Do I Have To Pay a Setup Fee?

No. There are no setup costs or hidden fees, unless you're having a custom app built. You can get started will the monthly subscription with the assurance that there's no long-term contract needed. You get FREE online training and fast turnaround technical support.

Can I Customise The App Myself?

Certainly! The PsCloud apps are customisable with the App Design Features built into the software. These great features mean you can make the app your own without incurring any extra costs.

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